A Fresh Canvas

Welcome to the new Bronze Blog. For a long time, I thought about moving to WordPress, but I didn’t make the commitment until my brother commented on the number of sites using WordPress as a content manager, not just a blog. Given the web design work he’s been at, I decided it was time to move, and he’d be able to help me tweak the layout. I’m just using a template now, but hopefully that won’t be for long. If you’ve got suggestions for widgets, fonts, colors, or whatever, feel free to post comments. Whatever I settle on, it will probably feature hexagons, bronze, and blue-green patina, though only in a way that ensures readability.

One immediate plan I have for post content: I’ll be rewriting the Doggerel Index, hopefully at least one entry each week. This time, I’ll try to rein in my tendency to rant and instead try to write every entry in a calm, measured, and factual tone. I intend to add a few new entries, change the order, and probably trim some less important ones.


4 responses to “A Fresh Canvas

  1. Well, the standard antispam widget is Akismet although it’s not the only one out there. I have no doubt you’ll need something along those lines.

    I’m going to suggest that you have a permanent link to the Fallacy Files in your right sidebar for easy reference. I noticed that after I linked to that site in a comment on the old blog (under the name “rhoadan”), you had great fun playing “spot the logical fallacy” with some of your more annoying commenters.

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