What’s Wrong with UFOlogy?

You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with this topic. It’s been years since I’ve roasted an alien believer, and at least he struck me as original: He claimed Bigfoot is fuzzy in photos because he’s an interdimensional alien shapeshifting 12,000 times a second or something like that. Of course, that never really answered why the background was shapeshifting so much. Yeah, I said ‘original,’ not ‘convincing.’ But anyway, I feel like talking UFOs. Steven Novella recently covered a common variety. The evidence is always fuzzy pictures. The only exceptions I know of all turned out to be hoaxes that get exposed or even committed by skeptics. In the latter case, they’re deceiving believers specifically to teach them just how easily they can be deceived and hopefully learn not to be so trusting.

So, if you want me to believe in alien visitation to Earth, show me something I haven’t come to expect. Read up on what skeptics have to say about the topic, too, since I don’t want some idiot who believes we all dismiss everything as weather balloons because the TV says so. If you’re going to show a video, don’t just show me the handful of pixels where the object is, show me the whole video in context. I don’t want to lecture someone on how out-of-focus insects look to a camera because he thought he was immune to common mistakes.

Of course, there’s one other hurdle UFOlogists typically ignore: Let’s say you show me a video and I say I don’t know what it is. How do you jump from “I don’t know” to “It’s an alien spacecraft!”? That’s an important step that always gets neglected. Worldwide, once you cut out all the identified insects, birds, airplanes, stars, and so on, all we’re left with is “I don’t knows,” or, in other words, Unidentified Flying Objects. I’m not an expert on the sky, but there’s a lot more stuff up there than we realize. I’m okay with the idea that we might never find out what a particular fuzzy speck was, because I have no reason thus far to think they might be anything important. If you’ve got a good reason to think otherwise, come out and say it.

What’s wrong with UFOlogy? For me, it’s the same boring old fuzzy nothings over and over again. You’d think with everyone carrying a camera phone these days, you could get clear pictures from multiple angles.

2 responses to “What’s Wrong with UFOlogy?

  1. Have you seen the youtuber TIMEOFYAH? You’ll love him. Yah stands for Yahweh, whose time it clearly is due to all the aliens flying over his house, which he puts on youtube to great applause from his equally insane mates. This is one of this best, where he starts by telling us what some people are saying it is (and it clearly is), a plane, but he begs to differ, zooms in to where his crappy camera gives up trying to focus and leaves it as a disc of light, takes some stills of it and then…well, that would spoil the surprise. Unless it REALLY is satire??? In which case he’s a genius! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf4XQ3EI3DQ

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