A Simple Observation

Just a few minutes ago, my dad took a sip of Diet Dr. Pepper and started an impressive stretch of coughing.

Me: “Annoying when it goes down the wrong pipe, isn’t it?”

Dad: “When it goes down the wrong pipe, it means there’s no Intelligent Design.”

I like that my family can openly talk like that. A lot of atheists don’t have it as easy as I do.

Of course, it’s little biological quirks like that which challenge the notion that a super-intelligence designed the human body. There are so many things that can go wrong, and they range from small annoyances to potentially fatal. Thankfully, modern medicine has aided a number of them. I’d rather not imagine what it’d be like for me if I didn’t have my wisdom teeth taken out. I’ve seen an X-ray of an extreme case, where a wisdom tooth was nearly perpendicular to the back molar.

About the only argument I remember being offered to explain that evidence is the assertion of an incompetent designer, or an intentionally incompetent designer. Oh, yeah, and the idea of The Fall, which, if you’re describing an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent designer, still falls under incompetence or intentional incompetence, the latter of which contradicts the omnibenevolent part.

Another explanation I imagine, but haven’t heard asserted by a Creationist is a designer with very strange, incomprehensible motivations, instead of the human-like ones typically described. Of course, it similar to the “mysterious ways” argument in that it can be used to make the hypothesis unfalsifiable. If you can’t describe the god’s motivations, desires, and methods, you can’t make falsifiable predictions.

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