Give Me Targets

I know my readership hasn’t been restored to the levels of my old blog, but if you are reading, please be so kind as to give me a target for criticism. I’ve been in the skeptical blogosphere long enough that a lot of woo tends to blend together, so I end up posting “skepticism 101” topics and general observations. It might be fun to pick out a specific, possibly even obscure bit of woo for analysis. Of course, I have a suspicion that having a specific target will raise the likelihood of attracting defenders, including trollish sorts, so be ready for a troll roast. I know I am.

3 responses to “Give Me Targets


    You’ll see what I mean. That idiot deserves to have his butt kicked from here to kingdom come. I keep meaning to do it but each time I start I finish up screaming Aaaaaagh aaaaagh aaaaaagh etc.

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