Hanging Pictures

One of the old things I did with the original Doggerel series was provide a “helpful image” at the front of the post that had some humorous take on the subject matter or made some kind of reference I could link to. I stopped doing that after a while. Sometimes image searches just didn’t find what I was looking for. Sometimes I just didn’t feel motivated.

I’m thinking about picking that back up, and a little crowd sourcing might help… Though I again realize I don’t have much of a crowd at the moment. (Hi, Yakaru!) So, if you’d like to help, think about images to go with woo cliches as well as my existing Doggerel entries and drop a comment with a link. Don’t wait for me to write up the entry if you’ve got a worthy visual pun. The right image might encourage me to bump up a Doggerel on the schedule.

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