I’m getting back into playing it, and I’m going to try to counteract a nasty tendency of mine to start new worlds with each update. I’m going to try sticking to my current world for a while. I’m looking for stuff to build, and could use some suggestions.

Short-term project: Build a cabin. I’ve got some general plans drawn up, though one tricky part is that I’d like to make a smooth stone generator that pushes a 3×2 monolith in the cabin’s workshop. I’ll probably build it on a cliff that overhangs my cattle ranch.

Mega Project 1: Build and populate a desert village. I’m not sure how I’m going to build each house, but I do know I’d like to work on a hexagonal grid. Think I might make them multiple story homes.

Mega Project 2: Underground Jungle. Concept came from an old dream of mine where I was playing a Dwarf Fortress-like game with humans in an underground lab. The farms grew out of control, turning the place into a jungle. I’d probably want to keep it in a jungle biome for the sake of making the trees and grass a nice green. I’m not sure what to build to make it look like a lab that’s been overgrown.

Mod Project: I’ve been waiting for the developers to finalize how they’re going to do plugins to hopefully make modding easier. The idea for this mod is to reverse the Overworld and The End, where the player starts in The End with nothing and works his way to the Overworld. I intend to make The End about as diverse in block types as the Overworld.

If possible, I’ve got a concept for a multiplayer version were players choose a race: Humans or Enderkin, starting in the appropriate world. It wouldn’t explicitly be a competition between humans and Enderkin, but kind of a roleplaying thing. I’d probably keep The End as comparatively finite in size, so I’m trying to think of ways to make interesting mechanics and interactions out of that, and maybe some ideas of “culture” that would arise from that. Ideally, I’d like to keep the Enderkin a semi-secret option to see how the human players react when they realize there’s another team with a consistent theme using strange items.

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