Game Concept: “Tutorial”

I had an amusing thought for a joke game. I think we can all say we hate forced tutorials, and I find it particularly annoying when you’re forced to go through the steps just demonstrated. The idea is to make a parody of such tutorials as well as overwrought and unnecessary game mechanics. It starts insultingly simple, telling you how to pick up an item. As it goes on, doing something “simple” involves following complex interacting rules that aren’t mentioned until you inadvertently violate them. Over time, the error messages get impatient with you: “You can’t alchemitize a silver weapon with a Pargon rune while your Lunar Orrery is in a waning phase! What’s wrong with you?!”

For naming conventions on game mechanics, I’d draw inspiration from MS Paint Adventures, including some shout-outs to it. I’d also probably poke fun at real games that overdo it.

One response to “Game Concept: “Tutorial”

  1. Might look into… I think it was Power of Defense, for inspiration. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tutorial so overtly hostile, though maybe that’s just me. At the end of the tutorial, I was left with the strong impression that the game didn’t want me to play it, so I didn’t.

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