UFOologists, Give Me Your Best Shot

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked with anyone who believes in alien visitations. I just don’t quite get the same spread of absurdity I did in my old days of being an active member of the JREF forums. I got reminded of the topic by a new post on Neurologica. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the topic’s been declining in popularity thanks to the internet. It’s much easier to look up hoaxes, explanations, and descriptions of common illusions. Hint: A lot of UFOs are bugs.

I feel like throwing out some troll bait, so UFOlogists, give this humble skeptical blogger your best evidence.

One response to “UFOologists, Give Me Your Best Shot

  1. I was just wondering whether it’s “UFOlogist” or “UFOologist”, but maybe you intended the latter, as it contains the phrase “U fool”.

    I was surprised that UFO sightings have been reducing, what with all the 2012 hysteria, which, while centred on the abuse of an ancient Mayan calendar, extends like a whirlpool sucking in Nibiru, Annunaki and all that Ancient Astronaut vomit, the usual Signs of the Apocalypse, Illuminati-Watching and the rest. Probably those who were filming bin bags blowing in the breeze switched to “second suns” this year, or are spending their time on google earth checking for evidence of the axis tilting or reversing, entry points to the hollow earth or FEMA death camps. A lot of them have probably run in panic from their night observation towers (bedroom window) to the safety of the internet and are now trying to work out which conspiracy theory is the REAL Truth – NWO in cahoots with aliens, NWO at war with aliens, but covering it up cuz we’re losing, NWO are half-bred aliens, NWO making up aliens and planning false flag attack (they pre-warned us of that at the London Olympics, so it’s obviously postponed), Nibiru carrying friendly aliens who left us here for our spiritual infancy, now returning to upgrade our DNA, Nibiru holding the nasty (demon) aliens who left us here to rot, returning to finish us off. I was going to say it would be fun to get representatives of each position into one place to discuss the issues, but then I remembered that’s most of youtube.

    Happy fishing.

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