Random Inspiration

I’m not into the augmented reality genre, but I ended up having a dream last night that gave me an idea. I imagine it’s already been done in some fashion, but I might as well share. In the dream, I was with a group exploring some spooky parks and graveyards at night, and carved into the features were various “pick your path” instructions like in the old books.

Since you can’t go around doing that in real life, it seems to me you could do it with an augmented reality game using a mobile GPS and camera. It could be a simple pick-your-path done with locations instead of pages, but I had another thought using the camera. Some instructions could be “investigate this area” where you use the camera to look for clues. You might scan a wall and find a hidden message written in blood, for example.

Some ideas to inspire jump scares:

1. Uncovering certain hidden things triggers monsters that can only be seen through the camera or a countdown, and the players have to escape the area before they’re caught.

2. There’s an opposing team who acts to troll the main team. They pose as regular players and join up with such groups if they spot them. When the group uncovers a “Look behind you!” message, they snarl at the investigators or something.

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