What Life of Sin?

It’s been a while since my last fundie troll, but I’ve been reminded of one of their tropes when discussing atheism: The assertion that I disbelieve in their god because I want to live a sinful life. I presume most are talking about an exceptionally sinful life, like committing crimes, actively persecuting people, leaving behind long lines of fatherless children, and such, rather than “sinful” things like deriving pleasure from an occasional piece of candy.

In my case, this leads me to ask, “What life of sin?” I’m pretty tame. If anything, I’m pretty boring. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do illegal drugs. I don’t gamble (or rather, I only gamble in video games with fictional money, and only to get the good stuff). I don’t swear very often (mostly to preserve the power of precision F-bombs when I do feel like swearing). I don’t believe in witchcraft, much less practice it. I’m a virgin.

I don’t leave shopping carts in the parking lot. When I have to reach back to get a particular item off the shelf, I pull a couple extra ones to the front for others. I avoid using my cell phone while driving or in the theater. I use my turn signal, even if I don’t see anyone else on the road. I usually go to bed around 10 or 11pm.


Where’s the big sinful change that supposedly comes with my atheism?

It’s a Bird/Dinosaur!

Well, I got the recent news about that feathered dinosaur. Apparently Ken Ham and other Creationists have declared it to be 100% bird despite lacking a bony breast muscle anchor birds have and possessing dinosaur features like clawed fingers and teeth. This brings me back to a point I was thinking about including in Creationism is in a State of Chaos, though I rewrote it partway through to cover bigger issues, rather than list miscellaneous details. I’ve seen some Creationists claim that the more famous archeopteryx was all bird. I’ve seen others claim it was all reptile/dinosaur. It will not surprise me if this latest fossil triggers more flip-floppery from Creationists trying to shoehorn it into the categories they’re comfortable with.

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