I’m a skeptic and atheist doing what I can to make the world a slightly saner place. I’m the same Bronze Dog of the original Bronze Blog, moved over to WordPress for the sake of getting a more accurate URL and a fresh start. A lot of my friends have retired or gone on hiatus from their blogs, and I felt the need to get back into the blogging spirit.

See my comment policy. It’s pretty lax, but I’ll enforce it a bit more than I did on my previous blog.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is below. Please note that I won’t shy away from publishing and publicly critiquing arguments sent to me, so don’t send me anything if you’re not willing to face that risk. I won’t give out personal information.

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    • I’m glad you liked it. I was diagnosed at 30, but I always thought it stunk whenever I encountered an asshole who’d use their self-diagnosis as an excuse, sometimes instantly locking onto the rationale of the disapproval despite his previous claimed ignorance of it (or even while still claiming ignorance). Naturally, they also tend to be repeat offenders.

      • indeed. I suspect I am very close to on the spectrum, but perhaps not quite. I do recall reading any etiquette book I could get my hands on to make sure I was “doing it right” because I often screwed up social interaction.
        Very enjoyable blog.

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