I’m getting back into playing it, and I’m going to try to counteract a nasty tendency of mine to start new worlds with each update. I’m going to try sticking to my current world for a while. I’m looking for stuff to build, and could use some suggestions.

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Dungeons of Dredmor

It’s been a while since I’ve done a gaming-related post, so I thought I’d mention that I’ve been playing Dungeon of Dredmor recently, with all the expansions, including the recent Conquest of the Wizardlands. DoD is a graphical indie roguelike with a sense of humor, often at the expense of other games, from Elder Scrolls to Dwarf Fortress. Much to my amusement, Rearden Metal has made an appearance in Wizardlands. Metal ingots have alchemical symbols engraved on their sides. The symbol for Rearden Metal is a dollar sign. It’s even green.

They also recently patched the core game to allow all players access to a pocket dimension, so that means I don’t have to keep returning to my giant stockpiles on earlier floors. I feel like a nomad. Weapons have also been changed so that daggers are separated from swords as a weapon class, and polearms from staffs. The new categories get their own matching skill trees.

A new game mechanic from Wizardlands is “encrusting” where you add bonus stats (sometimes mixed with penalties) onto equipment. One of them is “Razor Chain” which adds a little chainsaw-like razor to the edge of your weapon. So, here’s a question: What would happen if I added that to my Clockwork Chainsword?

Game Stuff

I included games in my list of musings, so I thought I’d make a general game post. I’ve listened to a few rants recently about mainstream game companies milking everything they can out of downloadable content, so I feel like celebrating some indie games that avoid much of the rat race.


One of the best game purchases I’ve made. I’ve only played single player so far, though. Anyone got a multiplayer server? Another thing I’ve been contemplating is making a mod, though I’d need something to help me design the blocks. The starting goal: Make The End a more interesting place. I’d like to diversify the terrain with unique blocks and recipes so that a player could start in The End with nothing, sustain himself indefinitely, and eventually build a portal to take him to the Overworld. The second goal: If possible, I’d like to create a sort of second player race called Enderkin, who replace Endermen, and have different traits, such as being hurt by water. Even if you don’t know anything about modding, we can still talk about block ideas.


I picked up the game, played for a while, and suddenly it’s announced that development has stopped. The creator said he might release the source code, so I’m hoping modders will be able to take that and add new fun stuff. One piece of furniture I’d like: A weapon stand where you can actually place a weapon. I got absurdly lucky: The first and only time I’ve crafted a Night’s Edge, it came out with the Legendary tag. I’d like to build a little shrine to it after I upgrade to better Hardmode weapons.

Project Zomboid

For those who might not know, PZ is a zombie survival game that really cares about simulation. Combat is dangerous because it’s easy to get infected, and there is no cure. This is the story of how you died. It’s been a while since they released an update, but they say they’re getting close to releasing one with a lot of new features. One big feature I’m looking forward to is that NPC survivors are going to “play the game” just like you, which means they’re going to be hunting for supplies. Maybe even your supplies.