I’ve been slowly making my way through Married to the Sea‘s archives. It’s a silly comic most of the time, but sometimes it gets political. This one reminded me of a point I like to make. It’s the 10 Commandments as a graven image that gets pushed into schools and courthouses. On top of violating freedom from government imposition of a religion, showing undue favoritism, and all that, it makes the point that the 10 Commandments is essentially an idol.

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Bill Maher is Crap

Crap. I don’t like Bill Maher. I know he’s said some clever pro-atheism/anti-religion things, but my charity towards him pretty much vanished when I found out about his anti-vax stance along with some miscellaneous altie canards he spread around. The misogyny I later found out about didn’t help his case, either. There’s probably more crap that’s shown up since the time I started mostly ignoring him.

I want to make it clear that I don’t consider him a role model, and that I wouldn’t want him to speak for me, politically, scientifically, or philosophically. I’d rather avoid being lumped with him whenever possible. I know that I can’t expect anyone (even myself) to have perfect reason, but Maher falls too far outside my range of tolerance for a supposed leading atheist.