It seems Pat Robertson recently brought up the silly “D&D is Satanic” meme, again. It’s accompanied with the usual fainting over players allegedly learning black magic.

For the people who are actually worried about witches going around hexing people, I have one point to make: People like you probably carry the bulk of the blame for witchcraft gaining any sort of popularity. I think it’s ironic. Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter, and all the fantasy franchises out there treat magic as fictional. It’s just entertaining escapism. Just like any other hobby, there are people who turn it into an unhealthy obsession, but they’re not the norm. I don’t play fantasy games out of some delusion that it’s a road to magical powers, I play because they’re fun.

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Trouble in Team Silence

My brother got into a bit of a rant this morning about Armored Core V, and I honestly can’t blame him. I still love Armored Core, but I acknowledge there are numerous flaws. The past couple of weeks he’s been researching how the persistent online war is fought, since the English instruction manual’s about six pages. He was enthusiastic at first, but his discoveries have really worn that down to nothing. The game’s status quo is discouraging, and the lack of support for American players doesn’t help.

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Worst Launch Day I’ve Had

I’m sure there have been worse for other gamers, and I imagine the more recent ones involve downloadable content, possibly for stuff that shouldn’t be optional. But mine’s certainly a pain.

Armored Core V. It’s a niche series for people who love custom mechs, and despite its flaws, I generally love the series. Overall, Armored Core has been dragging its feet when it comes to online potential. AC4 and FA had a fairly spartan system of online arena matches and online co-op for the campaign’s short missions. So, when I first heard that ACV was going to be premised on online play and emphasize tactics over twitch, I was quite happy.

Unfortunately, that online part has caused a severe problem for me… I can’t buy parts! All I’ve got are the basic parts which are explicitly labeled “junk” as an excuse why you can’t sell them. I’m sure they’ll fix it sooner or later, but this is really not how launch day is supposed to go. (EDIT: Figures they’d fix it right after I posted. Though I did get a new annoyance: “Could not connect to server. Discarding mission results.”)

Side thing: If anyone’s interested, I’ve formed a team, Silence, on the PS3 server. Let me know if you’re interested in experimenting with stealth (though for now, likely leveling up is a bigger priority) and I’ll send you the team password.


Thankfully, the morning after, everything was hunky-dory. I’ve been having lots of fun with it the past couple days. One thing I like: My lightweight sniper’s been able to handle just about every mission in the campaign on its own, with no need for me to create heavy-hitters for the first 62 Order missions… But I might need to consider it for Story 02 (it starts with 00), since there’s this one police AC that apparently knows which direction I’m going to dodge.

I raised my brother’s interest by showing him the “sub-quests” of Story 01’s mission. He loves trophies, and the sub-quests are things like “Destroy 15/15 aerial units” or “Destroy the armored train in less than 30 seconds.” They went back to one feature I liked in the older games: Story missions have sub-quests for “scraps” that give you new parts if you find them. So, I think my brother and I will get some good play value out of this game.