What’s Wrong with UFOlogy?

You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with this topic. It’s been years since I’ve roasted an alien believer, and at least he struck me as original: He claimed Bigfoot is fuzzy in photos because he’s an interdimensional alien shapeshifting 12,000 times a second or something like that. Of course, that never really answered why the background was shapeshifting so much. Yeah, I said ‘original,’ not ‘convincing.’ But anyway, I feel like talking UFOs. Steven Novella recently covered a common variety. The evidence is always fuzzy pictures. The only exceptions I know of all turned out to be hoaxes that get exposed or even committed by skeptics. In the latter case, they’re deceiving believers specifically to teach them just how easily they can be deceived and hopefully learn not to be so trusting. Continue reading